About us
We Present Rivendell:  Whether it is a destination wedding that houses your guests and provides recreation, a corporate retreat or a family reunion,  Rivendell is 17,000 square feet of luxury and acres of grounds that can meet your needs.  Rivendell: A Gathering Place is located in Smithfield Canyon (yet close to Logan - 6 miles away). This house was built to impress and support large groups. Families can gather in one of several large areas which makes the home not crowded even with large groups of people. Dinner seating is available for large groups with china and silverware included. The elevator stops on five floors including coming out of a tree and continuing up to an indoor treehouse at the top floor. Fifty foot swimming pool, sauna and hot tub for large groups, large gym with basketball or volleyball and a real stage for a family gathering, performance, wedding or a corporate presentation. Beautiful grounds for an outdoor reception.